Total website creation, hosting, maintenance & management services

New business start-up or need an existing website refurbished, restored and brought back to life? Then you’re in the right place! At Herne Bay Web Design we make professional, uniquely designed websites for all budgets; from those starting out on a shoestring to those more established businesses that need to kick start and reinvigorate their online presence.

  • We provide a full end-to-end service including free consultation, domain registrations, hosting, design, build, search engine optimisation & maintenance.
  • Every website we build is fully extensible so, start small and we’ll grow with you as your business evolves.
  • We’ve been making websites since 2008 and we ain’t going anywhere any time soon!

Relax, we've got your back

With a single 10-minute phone call we can start taking away your worries and help you on the road to having a website that really works for your business.

We make it easy

Tell us about your business.  Tell us what it is you do, who you do it for and where you do it then tell us about what you need a website to do for you.  We have decades of business experience in all sectors, we understand marketing, user behaviours and the psychology behind buying decisions so, once we have an understanding of your business we can combine all we know to develop some ideas and designs just for you.

If you like what we say, we’ll make you a great looking website which we’ll then host and manage for you.  We’ll monitor performance, make improvements and update content to keep things fresh.  We’ll write your copy, licence relevant library images, in fact, we do it all so you can relax just that little bit more.

Pay monthly if you like

We know how difficult cash flow can be to manage, especially in these challenging times.  That’s why we offer optional “Pay monthly” websites.  Our pay monthly deals mean you can get the website your business needs today without facing a large initial outlay. Think of it as a rental with a minimum of 12 months commitment.  After that 12 months, and if you do nothing, the contract rolls on until you cancel.  Importantly, after 12 months, the website is all yours to do as you wish; move to another provider, cancel or carry on.  It’s up to you.

Always expandable

Every website we make is expandable as your business grows, evolves and changes.  This means you can start out with a basic “Brochure” site then, in the future add functionality such as an online shop, product listings etc. and all that happens is our monthly fee increases accordingly and your 12-month contract renews.  This approach gives you an easy path to upgrade in small incremental steps.

Our website packages or go à la carte if you prefer!

Brochure websites

Simple, entry-level websites
From £36
00 Monthly
  • Bespoke design
  • Fully functional, entry level package
  • Free domain name
  • Hosting on our London servers
  • Entry level SEO
  • Integrated contact form
  • Includes maintenance & updates
  • Minimum 12 month committment

e-Commerce websites

All you need to start trading
99 Monthly
  • Brochure site +
  • e-Commerce soution
  • Stripe or PayPal payments gateways
  • Pro SEO
  • First 10 products loaded
  • Full training provided
  • Weekly site monitoring
  • Minimum 12 month commitment

Pro business solutions

Go pro right away!
From £98
95 Monthly
  • Brochure site +
  • Up to 10 pages
  • and .com domain name
  • 25Gb secure email account
  • Pro+ SEO
  • Daily site monitoring
  • Can be upgraded at any time
  • Minimum 12 month commitment

A true one-stop web shop

Web design

We make websites. Everything from simple brochure sites to complex e-Commerce solutions with many thousands of products.

Graphic design

Every website needs some form of identity and that's usually a logo or a combination of stylised text elements. We do all of that for you.


SEO is both an art and a science vital to being found on the web. Without good SEO your website is an island. We are SEO experts and our experience shows in the results we get for our clients


If you have a broken website or your developer's gone away and nothing can be updated then give us a try. We have an excellent record of successfully mounting rescue missions!


Every website needs a domain name - it's like your postal address on the web. Choosing a good one which will work for you and help to achieve good search engine rankings.


A host server is where your website lives on the world wide web. Having a good, reliable and fast host is important for good SEO results and user happiness!


Websites are not 'fire & forget', they need maintenance and updates to keep them working well and ensuring they're secured against hackers. We do all that for you.


We provide all the support you could need for your website including adding or changing text, prices etc. or adding new photos or changing business details. We do all that for you.

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